we said we'd be together forever 
but then i found someone
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Jjong’s confession(?) on Blue Night

"I often get asked why me and Taemin’s room is so organized. I’m here to say that it’s all thanks to me. He never picks up after himself. You’re welcome, Taemin-ah."

trans cr: me

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i just reached another landmark of followers and decided to make this ;~; I just keep looking at the number and wondering if it’s some sort of glitch (i mean seriously guys i’m so lame what are you doing following me?). I’m really thankful that tumblr exists because otherwise I wouldn’t have been connected to all of you wonderful people who have similar interests to me and don’t mind my mindless blabbering ^^ it’s funny to see that a couple of pretty talented korean boys could bring me so close to so many people around the world xD sometimes i get a bit lonely for no reason, and it’s nice that all of you are there. so yeah, thank you. that includes both the people that follow me or those i follow ^^ i decided to make a follow forever (i’ve been on tumblr for a few years so it’s about time, right?). shout out to ellen for helping a sister out with the edit lol. anyways these blogs are all awesome and run by super nice people! you should check them all out and give them a follow!!!!!!

i feel like i included too many blogs but i just love everyone so much and i’m sososo sorry if i forgot anyone ;a; you guys know how scatterbrained i am

(hover over your url because i left a little meaningless note for everyone uwu) 

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Thank you so much, you are so adorable ;A;

I’m really glad I have been helpful to you even if for small things <3

I’m not very active recently , but i will come back in full force with everything updated :33

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Onew+Key Commentary | SHINee’s Surprise Vacation